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Title Author Summary Characters Chapters Words Published Complete
Anger Management Jad fic Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy locked up alone in Grimmauld Place was just asking for trouble. As far as everyone else is concerned, it was bound to happen eventually; Creevey's thrilled, and Snape's not pleased. Harry P., Draco M. 1 3427 2012-09-23 Complete

Similar Fics

Title Author Summary Characters Chapters Words Published Complete
Unfortunate Consequences BregoMellonNin Snape has had enough of Harry and Draco bickering constantly and decides to force them to take a Friendship Potion. Harry P., Draco M. 1 4892 2012-11-28 Complete
Imperio XamierTheNobody Harry's finally been allowed to stay at Hogwarts for Winter Break and is elated. But when he feels a sudden urge to enter one of the empty bathrooms he gets a feeling of dread. Draco Malfoy is waiting behind that door, with an Imperius in mind. Draco/Harry DM/HP. Hypnotism and Slutty!Harry. Sequel will be written soon! Harry P., Draco M. 1 1701 2012-08-06 Complete
Devoir Lomonaaeren HPDM slash. How many life debts can one person owe? COMPLETE. Draco M., Harry P. 1 13115 2012-11-16 Complete
Under the Mistletoe Renee Spelt Strange It is Christmas Eve, the castle is deserted and Harry and Draco are trapped under a piece of charmed mistletoe from Weasleys' Wizarding Wheezes which won't let them go until they have kissed. HP/DM ONE SHOT. Draco M., Harry P. 1 8128 2012-03-06 Complete
The Absurdity of Potter Duana Why was Potter ignoring him? Potter had no right to ignore him! He was a Malfoy and a Malfoy was never ignored! Slash. Harry P., Draco M. 1 5418 2011-10-06 Complete
Submitting to Happiness FinalVerse Draco knew he would receive his Veela inheritance at the age of 18, along with his mate. He will never have to be alone again. However, his inheritance comes too soon. Turns out that he is unexpectedly a Submissive and Harry Potter is his mate. How does he deal with his Veela instincts make him want to constantly submit to him? Harry P., Draco M. 1 845 2012-08-18 Incomplete
Make it Good Fr333bird Harry and Draco are Auror partners who have to go undercover as rent-boys at a brothel. Contains pining, first times, love, drama and Draco in skinny jeans - and explicit adult content of course. Harry P., Draco M. 1 9883 2011-12-08 Complete
Sportsmanlike Behaviour Cheryl Dyson Harry and Draco are on the same professional Quidditch team. Go Catapults! But Draco's behaviour is becoming increasingly puzzling to Harry. MATURE ADULT CONTENT AS USUAL. Harry P., Draco M. 1 2400 2010-06-28 Incomplete
The List 9876grpc Hermione makes a promise to her mother, after restoring her memories, before heading back to Hogwarts for her 8th year. What did she promise? To act like the carefree teenager she never got to be and follow through on five things. Somehow she ropes Harry into adopting the list as well and they soon find out that love is quite complicated! It should make for an interesting year! Harry P., Hermione G., Draco M., Daphne G. 28 71583 2012-10-31 Complete
Starving bleedforyou Harry is trying to live his life as normally as possible, until a man shows up on his doorstep, lost and starving. Includes 10 Chapters. complete. Harry P., Draco M. 10 16640 2011-05-19 Complete
Cocoa and Candy Canes Naadi HxD slash. Checkmate futurefic written for Christmas 2006. Set 9 years after Checkmate, Harry has a gift for Draco and intends to give it to him at a romantic dinner out, but things don't quite go according to plan. Harry P., Draco M. 1 3303 2006-12-24 Complete
A Better Way To Relieve Stress! Stargoddess400 We all know what stress can do to a person. Well Hermione Granger's middle name is stress, so she uses yoga to help her calm down at the end of the day. What happens when Draco wants to show her a better way to relieve her stress? Smut! One-Shot Draco M., Hermione G. 1 7540 2011-01-15 Complete
Heat Wave RadeliaPotter One shot fic. There is a heat wave over Hogwarts. Harry goes for the shade of a tree by the lake when who should he meet, but Draco Malfoy. Conversation and then a bit more follows. SLASH!!! H/D Harry P., Draco M. 1 2413 2002-11-28 Complete
Deliberation, Determination, and Deviation Cheryl Dyson Draco is minding his own business at a lame club when Blaise Zabini sends him outside to check out a very interesting sight. PWP MATURE CONTENT, ETC. Draco M., Harry P. 1 5465 2011-09-24 Complete
They That Love Beyond The World Ashita polar Harry has noticed that Malfoy is acting strange, shaking his minions off at every turn and spending hours in an abandoned room in the dungeons. Convinced the Slytherin Prince is up to no good, he investigates and discovers something he never expected – something that will irrevocably change his life. [Harry P., Draco M.] [Hermione G., Ron W.] 2 58994 2013-02-03 Complete
Five Minutes with Bachelor Seventeen WordsConsumeHer The young men quickly learned to avoid the snarky wizard sitting at table seventeen. Will anyone be brave enough to try to endure his company for the full five minutes? SS/HP humorous oneshot. Mature/suggestive Severus S., Harry P. 1 1327 2011-09-25 Complete
Lovebites GreenEyesGreySkies Draco and Potter have a strictly physical relationship, that's it. No romance. None. Potter is free to do whatever and whomever he pleases-except wait, where did those lovebites come from? Hogwarts AU. Two dense boys in denial and one very jealous Draco Malfoy. Harry P., Draco M. 1 5292 2013-01-11 Complete
Emptiness FanofBellaandEdward After meeting his godfather again in the hospital, Teddy starts to remember the moments where it all went wrong between him and Harry. Angst, implied prostitution, drama, Drarry, AU. Teddy's point of view. A bit dark. Please read and review. Rated M for implied prostitution and language at times [Draco M., Harry P.] Teddy L. 1 9517 2012-11-16 Complete
Catch 22 Jad fic As if NEWTS weren't enough, Dumbledore's gone and had another one of his bright ideas. If all ends well, the Houses will be getting along in no time. Or according to Harry's correspondent, hailing the Apocalypse. OotP/HBP/DH disregaded. Harry P., Draco M. 9 50431 2010-11-24 Complete
Glory Be Lomonaaeren Draco has embraced his life as a powerful, wealthy Veela assassin. Then he's ordered to kill Harry Potter, Unspeakable, former Auror, the most powerful wizard Draco has ever met. And he catches a glimpse of glory he may be unable to live without. COMPLETE. Draco M., Harry P. 1 34077 2013-03-05 Complete