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Title Author Summary Characters Chapters Words Published Complete
Secrets aForgottenWeasley Fred and Hermione have done everything to keep their relationship from Mrs. Weasley. How is it that when they finally decided to tell her, she already knew? Fred W., Hermione G. 1 3659 2012-06-01 Complete

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Title Author Summary Characters Chapters Words Published Complete
The Missing Pieces aForgottenWeasley The missing moments of Fred and Hermione's life during and after "Attracted to a Weasley". Pranks are pulled, tattoos are gotten, a wedding is planned, babies are born, and lots more! Fred W., Hermione G. 10 20437 2012-04-07 Complete
Witches Night In aForgottenWeasley With the men going out and having a guy's night, the witches of the Burrow are left to fend for themselves. Watch as they liven up their night with treats, butterbeer, firewhiskey, and a game of 'Never Have I Ever..' Fred W., Hermione G. 1 6848 2012-05-10 Complete
She will be a Weasley recycledsmiles Molly has always wanted her to be a Weasley. But if Ron couldn't give her what she wants, maybe Fred could. *EDITED ON JULY 2015* Hermione G., Fred W. 15 22474 2011-09-03 Complete
Love Bug: The Matchmaker Phenomenon nitefang The entire Wizarding community seems to be speechless, over the edge and just breathless. Hopeless, they're head over heels in the moment. Who knew they'd get hit by that love bug? Breaking off long-standing relationships and forsaking personal vows, everyone's taken a flying leap and fallen in love. There must be something in the water. [Fred W., Hermione G.] 6 28605 2014-08-20 Complete
Conquering Her Nightmares magical-mystery-girl "Finally figure out that she comes in here crying every night did you?" George commented,Fred looked surprised,"You knew she came in here all the time and didn't tell me?" Hermione's been having nightmares and Fred is the only one she'll talk to. R&R! Fred W., Hermione G. 1 8662 2012-04-02 Complete
Tink aForgottenWeasley Fred and Hermione are the James and Lily of their generation. He asks her out; she says no. But with a Halloween Bash being thrown, a certain costume, and all eyes on the prize.. Fred puts it all on the line and takes what should rightfully be his. Fred W., Hermione G. 1 4050 2012-09-08 Complete
Forever Yours VampireWitch96 "I've been matched with…" Fred started as he opened his letter. His eyes looked like saucers like Hermione's when she opened her letter . "Hermione Granger." He said in a whisper and looked at Hermione. Fred W., Hermione G. 39 41898 2012-03-07 Complete
Luna's Animal erbkaiser Luna has found an Atlantean Micro-dragon... in the London zoo. Or has she? Story with a Luna/Harry relationship background. [Luna L., Harry P.] 1 1768 2014-10-04 Complete
Book One: Love Is Our Weapon kissmeintherain26 Dark eyed dreamers, they were a dangerous pair. Blayne Tonks is the third in a trio of pranksters. Thrilling danger and explosive changes hide behind every corner at Hogwarts. But what will happen when love is found in unexpected places? Book One of the series. Rating for a few chapters in. Fred/OC Fred W., OC 42 144300 2010-09-04 Complete
Little Devil cleotheo Hermione loves her son, but sometimes he can be a little devil. Hermione recounts her week from hell while looking after a mischievous Scorpius. Fun, fluffy, Dramione family One Shot. Hermione G., Draco M. 1 14320 2015-10-30 Complete
10 Years Later aForgottenWeasley Hermione's Hogwarts reunion is coming up and she hasn't seen her friends for ten years. How will they take it when they find out she not only has a daughter, but she married the man they all grew up hating? ONE-SHOT Draco M., Hermione G. 1 3667 2012-02-05 Complete
Just Pretend for a Night Lara Zed Fred volunteers to help Hermione with an uncomfortable situation. But what happens when playing pretend gets a little too real? Post-Hogwarts, AU, FW/HG Hermione G., Fred W. 5 14910 2011-12-28 Complete
Fool For A Lady DarkRiverTempest Being the professor for Muggle Studies at Hogwarts isn't all that Hermione Granger thought it would be. Living life after the war isn't going as planned for Fred Weasley, either. Together, they find they are just what the other needed. Fred W., Hermione G. 5 24380 2012-08-01 Complete
To Whom am I Married? projectrunwayluver Hermione wakes up after the Final Battle with memory loss and no memory after the end of her fourth year. What will she do when she finds out she's married to Fred Weasley? Read and find out. I don't write lemons, sorry. AU. Hermione G., Fred W. 45 48929 2014-06-22 Complete
Who said only kids needed Teachers? avidficreader When Hermione lends a helping hand to George to take care of his kids, little did she know that the deal also included Fred.infuriating as he is,he's starting to grow on her.But can it be more than mere friendship? Hermione G., Fred W. 49 102573 2011-08-19 Complete
Attracted to a Weasley aForgottenWeasley Hermione finds out she is not muggleborn like she always thought she was. She has magical blood running through her veins; Veela blood to be exact! When some traits of hers kick in, what's a girl to do when she finds her mate in a Weasley? Fred W., Hermione G. 11 27368 2012-02-13 Complete
A New Life BittyBlueEyes Sequel to Drowning Sorrows. After a rough start, Fred and Hermione work on developing their relationship... a relationship that still has its twists and turns. [Fred W., Hermione G.] 12 25738 2012-05-22 Complete
Perfectly Lucky RZZMG Everyone said Hermione was the brightest witch of their age, and that Theodore Nott was the most beautiful male of their generation. Essentially, they were perfectly matched: he was the beauty to her brains. It was just too bad he didn't feel that way. Or so Hermione thought… Theo/Hermione. Drama/Romance/Sexiness. 2015 Interhouse Fest entry. One-shot. COMPLETE! Hermione G., Theodore N. 1 4831 2015-12-10 Complete
Houseguest From Hell cleotheo When Ginny breaks up with Harry, Hermione agrees to let her live with her and Draco on a temporary basis. However, Hermione soon comes to regret her kindness when Ginny turns into the houseguest from hell. Fun, One Shot. [Draco M., Hermione G.] Ginny W. 1 5944 2015-09-24 Complete
Know It All angelrider93 Response to a challenge by a friend... Hermione has to reveal that she knows more about Draco than any other person in the shock of everyone Dramione obviously...hope you enjoy and i know summary sux but PLEASE READ : DMHG Draco M., Hermione G. 1 2171 2011-03-05 Complete