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Title Author Summary Characters Chapters Words Published Complete
Loved You First Rai-channi - "-I love you." Adrian grinned happily, "I loved you first." AP/HP Slash Harry P., Adrian P. 1 1396 2010-07-31 Complete

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Title Author Summary Characters Chapters Words Published Complete
Harry and the day of oaths crocket Well this little idea i had and wrote some time ago, i forgot to post oops anyway Harry gets annoyed and decides to take things in own hands. With the help of Amelia Bones and some magical oaths, and yes i do suck at summerys. Put as mature for safety Harry P., Amelia B. 4 14592 2010-10-19 Incomplete
Swimming for beginners Lyska During the second task, Harry has to rescue his long time crush - written for Kamerreon's and Excentrykemuse's "Love a Lion Fest" Harry P., Percy W. 1 3319 2010-11-12 Complete
Emerald Lily McGlaughlin I always thought the Daily Prophet to be a piece of rag. Just scrap the aurors tossed us to show us what we missed in our confinement. I never thought it would have led me to the one person who completes me. My Emerald. Slash. Potter/Dolohov. Harry P., Antonin D. 1 3114 2009-09-16 Complete
Slytherin Green Ming Xiong Harry wanted a calm moment in the cold, and gets to see a new side to the Slytherin Quidditch captain. Preslash Marcus/Harry, rated T for an eensy weensy tiny bit of swearing. Harry P., Marcus F. 1 925 2011-01-04 Complete
Living Siriusly GeetUpSausage Starts 5th year. Harry decides to start living 'Siriusly'. Starts off a bit serious, then 'hopefully' becomes a more light hearted. Not 100% sure where ts going, but lets just see what happens. Planning to involve some levels of Harry/Katie Bell, maybe Harry/Others... I'm making it up as i go... Want to come along for the ride? Rated T... might change, depends where it goes. Harry P., Sirius B., Katie B., Susan B. 4 21908 2013-04-05 Incomplete
Right of Caste strangeseraph Harry Potter infiltrates a Dark Revel to destroy Lord Voldemort once and for all. But things go awry for Harry and he is forced to serve the man he despises. Or so he thought. Harry P., Voldemort 1 68958 2013-05-17 Complete
Contract HP Slash Luv Harry and Evan are twins with Evan being the BWL. There's a marriage contract which Harry wants to protect Evan from. Harry implicates himself. Of course, nothing is that simple where the Potter boys are concerned. Slash, Harry herem, warnings inside Harry P. 9 12063 2011-07-22 Complete
Our Deal Madame Xela Summary inside. M for language, later chapters and child neglect Harry P., Viktor K. 6 7709 2010-06-02 Incomplete
Harry Potter's Dark Life chaos roses Harry's life as the brother of the boy who lived, but the truth is opposite. Harry P. 6 5268 2005-12-06 Incomplete
Neverending Circle MissAX They were always drawn to one another. Now, centuries later, Harry and Lord Voldemort continue their endless waltz. HPLV SLASH. COMPLETE ONE-SHOT Harry P., Voldemort 1 4980 2010-12-30 Complete
Catching the Seeker SweetlyDesolated Oliver Wood always found Harry Potter fascinating, so when Harry signs on as the team's medic, things must change for the best, especially while stealing Harry away from his girlfriend. Written for Kamerreon's and Excentrykemuse's Love a Lion Fest. SLASH. Harry P., Oliver W. 1 4583 2010-09-11 Complete
Pillow Mutter Sweet Shiva In which Ron Weasley jumps to conclusions, and Harry Potter is amused. BZ/HP. SLASH. Oneshot. Drabble. Blaise Z., Harry P. 1 647 2009-07-16 Complete
The Forgotten Child shampoo147 Harry was a forgotten little boy in the Potter Manor. The work of an odd mentor is enough for Harry to trod dangerous paths; hardly by his own will. Harry P. 12 22888 2007-06-03 Incomplete
I Am Harry, the BoyWhoLived Fallen Shadowed Angel Lily and James weren’t home that fateful night. Marie Potter, twin sister of Harry Potter, was declared the GirlWhoLived. When Voldemort appears at Hogwarts during their fifth year, secrets about that Hallow’een are revealed as Voldemort turns his wand on Harry P. 1 457 2005-12-28 Complete
To Love A Slytherin tinybee Fluffy one-shot between Harry and Adrian after Voldemort's defeat. Slash. Harry P., Adrian P. 1 815 2009-04-27 Complete
The best birthday ever Celestial Beauty Ginny is determinded to kiss Harry, the twins are inventing, Ron and Hermione is starting to date, Charlie is coming out as gay and Harry... Harry is oblivious as usual HP/CW RW/HG Slash Harry P., Charlie W. 2 6762 2009-05-21 Complete
Nymph's Bane Blood Blondie When Draco Malfoy realizes he's sexually attracted to Harry Potter, he gives him a powerful aphrodisiac/love potion called "Nymph's Bane" that makes its victims wild with uncontrollable lust. But when Harry needs to get off, he won't stop with Draco, he'll find some hot gay-loving with any boy at Hogwarts. Harry Potter x Male Students. Rated M. Smut/Slash/Lemon. Harry P., Ron W., Draco M., George W. 5 23103 2014-09-05 Incomplete
A Misunderstanding Leading To Love allthingsmagical When Draco turns Harry down after getting asked out he had no idea just what the consequences him saying 'no' would bring. Warnings inside. Draco M., Harry P. 4 9549 2012-09-21 Complete
Breathing Space whitecoatswontgetme Harry is having stray thoughts on the battle field as he's facing the Dark Lord, and he's not entirely sure what is going to happen. HP/LV * One shot * Harry P., Voldemort 1 964 2008-03-18 Complete
RSVP Please LayDCardinal 5 years ago Harry made decisions that ensured Lucius would hate him. For 5 years he stayed out of his way, noting which events Lucius RSVP'd to and sending his regrets to the same. The plan had been working till now. Is it revenge or something else? hp/lm Harry P., Lucius M. 3 8430 2010-01-08 Complete