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Selected Fic

Title Author Summary Characters Chapters Words Published Complete
Harry Potter and the Walking Shadow Koinaka When Dumbledore shows up at the Dursley's front door to deliver Harry's Hogwarts letter, he is in for a surprise: for the last ten years, Harry has lived in a London orphanage, much like another dark-haired wizard. Is history doomed to repeat itself? Harry P. 6 24303 2008-09-25 Incomplete

Similar Fics

Title Author Summary Characters Chapters Words Published Complete
The Facade of Innocence Koinaka What would happen if Lucius Malfoy, not Hagrid, was the person to find Harry in the wreckage of Godric's Hollow? His action sets off a chain of events that will leave the wizarding world - and a certain Potions Master - reeling. Harry P., Severus S. 24 64724 2008-09-11 Incomplete
Dark Chronicles SylvanDreamer Being rewritten. Soon to be deleted. Harry P. 24 90519 2006-09-20 Incomplete
Harry Potter and the Sorting Hat's Gift AntaresTheEighthPleiade Take a WBWL-verse, add in some Slytherin Harry with Voldemort's memories, and add just a dash of Parselmagic, and what do you get? Harry Potter and the Sorting Hat's Gift, Book 1 of the Saga of the Lightning Speaker. Harry P. 22 53362 2009-06-16 Complete
Stepping Out of Shadows KrossWinter For 11 years, Harry has been overshadowed by his brother. Now, he's going to make the world recognize that he does, in fact, exist. And he doesn't quite care what it takes, but how many gazes will he draw in doing so? Dark!Harry Hiatus Harry P. 6 21869 2009-04-16 Incomplete
Elementary Calculations kcourtkat After finding out about his magic earlier, a decidedly non-Gryffindor Harry Potter plots his way to success. Harry P. 13 44331 2008-04-29 Incomplete
Child Of The Light, Prodigy Of The Dark dyly Harry is overlooked as his twin brother Caleb is heralded as the Boy Who Lived. Determined to be better than Caleb and with an IQ that’s off the scale, Harry is left to his own devices to try and reach his full potential. Which side will he choose? Harry P. 7 43375 2008-06-14 Incomplete
Harry Potter and the Unlocked Knowledge kmfrank When Harry returns home to Privet Drive after the fiasco at the Department of Mysteries, he finds that Voldemort's possession released the Horcrux inside of him. In addition to the companionship of "Tom", Harry has his knowledge, and must learn to use it 15 168125 2008-01-10 Incomplete
Searching for Disaster Shadow Rebirth ABANDONED. Owls, cauldrons, and pointed hats? Harry Potter was not amused. And he still wasn't entirely sure that his human trafficking theory had been wrong. Warning! Features a very cynical Harry. [AU, no pairings.] Harry P. 10 40849 2008-07-12 Incomplete
Harry Potter and the Unraveling of Time Koinaka When Harry chooses to tamper with time to save his loved ones, he discovers exactly what happens to those who meddle with time. Harry P., Voldemort 10 24165 2009-05-21 Incomplete
Isolationist Theory Neko-chan -Silvered Tongue The boy who cried wolf: You know, there's only so much that a boy hero can take. After becoming the wizarding world's scapegoat during the summer after the Triwizard Tournament, Harry decides that enough is enough—and flips Britain the bird. He transfers. Harry P. 5 13772 2011-02-18 Incomplete
No Fortress Is So Strong Prairie City In 1981, the two Potter sons had their fates switched, and Nicolas Potter became a famous face. But there are those who know the truth, that the real Chosen One was the younger child. The Slytherin. Now, two brothers share a destiny. Complete. Harry P. 17 68716 2009-03-31 Complete
Dark Apprentice padawan lynne When Voldemort decides to take Harry Potter as his apprentice instead of killing him, the Wizarding World is in for a shock. Goodbye Harry Potter, hello Lord Raiden. 40 145043 2008-11-12 Incomplete
Consequences of a prepared mind Maethoriel Raina A small change in Harry's past has knock on effects thoughout his time at Hogwarts. A 'what if' type of story starting with his first year, and the changes that a smart Harry would cause. Harry P. 10 31343 2009-08-23 Incomplete
Letters Serpentseeker Every Saturday Harry writes to Voldemort. And only Voldemort knows the whole story. Voldemort, Harry P. 1 646 2006-12-23 Complete
The Minister's Son Inibaz AU. Fudgeritus – that’s right, Fudge has Harry taken from the Dursleys a year before he goes to Hogwarts. Includes an alcoholic Mrs Fudge, Malfoys, Dumbledore the Muggle-born activist, an Azkaban escapee and later, Tom Riddle. Harry P. 5 20796 2009-08-05 Incomplete
Shards of Time: The Master of Death Shitsumeishi Harry Potter is just an eccentric school boy with some unusual talents. Lord Peverell-Black, on the other hand, is a magically and politically powerful man with the world at his fingertips and a war at his doorstep. Time travel, no pairings. Harry P. 11 66085 2009-07-20 Incomplete
All Good Things Zephros Bereft in a new world, one seemingly absent of a known danger, he must make a new life; haunted by both his past and by familiar faces acting in strange new ways. Yet, there is a lesson he must learn. That all good things come with sacrifice. Harry P. 5 38982 2011-06-11 Incomplete
The Meaning of the Name Lady Salazar What if Harry had been an heir of Slytherin? How could that have changed the events in the Chamber of Secrets? Harry P. 5 23605 2007-02-18 Complete
Escape to Darkness kmfrank After Voldemort's resurrection, Harry awakens to a cold stone floor. After years of toiling with a "reformed" dark wizard willing to aid his revenge, Harry escapes from Nurmengard and finds that the Wizarding world has changed... Harry P., Gellert G. 6 49065 2009-01-24 Incomplete
Snakes and Sand Random Dispatcher Gaara of the Sand needs a friend and the Dursley's have just given baby Harry away. It's a NarutoHarry Potter Crossover with a GaaraHarry pairing! Slash! Harry P., OC 17 23069 2007-05-03 Incomplete