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Title Author Summary Characters Chapters Words Published Complete
The Hufflepuff Chronicles Elves, Badgers, and Snakes oh my theflyinfoote The highly anticipated sequel to the Hufflepuff Chronicles Year of the Stone starts right where the first book left off. The ripples are spreading out creating more divergent change as Harry, Susan and Hannah enter their second year. This is going to be mostly Susans POV Harry P., Susan B. 17 59371 2014-03-30 Complete

Similar Fics

Title Author Summary Characters Chapters Words Published Complete
The Hufflepuff Chronicles Year of the Stone theflyinfoote What would happen if Harry met someone other than the Weasleys and made a new first friend. Year one originally Harry the Hufflepuff. Harry P., Susan B. 16 45222 2014-01-14 Complete
The Hufflepuff Chronicles Part 3: The Hunt Is On theflyinfoote Follow Amelia Bones as she tracks down pieces of Voldemort's soul. Part three of the Hufflepuff Chronicles. Harry P., Sirius B., Susan B., Amelia B. 7 26376 2015-06-29 Incomplete
Lost but now found stevebond1990 The world believed Harry Potter was killed with Voldemort on Halloween 1981, but something strange happens in a Transfiguration class on Halloween 1992, why does this boy look familiar? Why does McGonagall seem to recognise him? Harry P., Susan B. 5 17551 2012-12-04 Incomplete
A Badgers Champion SpitKill The Potters had a plan for when the Dark Lord struck on Halloween. It was risky, but it worked. Lily and James Potter both survived the encounter, and their son was now the marked boy who lived. Eleven years later he sets off to Hogwarts with training to change the world. Little does he realize the Dark Lord he thought was gone, would return sooner rather than later. HannahXHarry [Susan B., Harry P., Hannah A.] Lily Evans P. 39 182796 2015-01-12 Incomplete
The Heiress of The Dark Rosalie Delecour When Hermione is sorted into Slytherin, and finds out she was adopted by the Grangers, what will she do? Will she find out the truth about her heritage, and who will she side with? *On hiatus for now* [Hermione G., Draco M.] [Tom R. Jr., OC] 16 16901 2016-03-16 Incomplete
Granger Danger FlitterFlutterFly The Grangers move into 6 Privet Drive. For young Harry and Hermione, nothing is the same after that. Ravenclaw!Harry. Ravenclaw!Hermione. No Pairings. Functions as a complete three-shot alternate start to Harry Potter, but technically discontinued. Harry P., Hermione G. 3 18061 2013-07-21 Complete
Books and Cleverness erbkaiser Harry is a young wizard in Ravenclaw, who with his best friend at his side is trying to have a normal school year. But Hogwarts is anything but a normal school, and just who is this Boy-Who-Lived anyway? AU, not a Wrong Boy-Who-Lived story! / No updates, on hold. [Harry P., Hermione G.] Sirius B. 25 60769 2013-06-14 Incomplete
Pup and Fawn: The Quartet MSAllySomereva We've all read about Harry's story, but what if Sirius' daughter went to school with him. Meet Ally Black, watch out Dumbledore, Weasleys (Ron and Molly) and Hermione- you've just pissed off a Black! Ally's adventures with twists and turns to make even canon friendships look good Harry/OC, Sirius/OC, Daphne/Blaise Please read and review! M for language and sexual situations later. [OC, Harry P.] [Daphne G., Blaise Z.] 20 64224 2014-01-09 Incomplete
Life of a Pureblood (Year 3) morganna12 After successfully bringing back the Dark Lord in the Chamber of Secrets, the last thing the four Slytherins want to do is go back to Hogwarts for another monotonous year of classwork. But the Dark Lord has ordered them to keep an eye on Potter and Dumbledore as well as Professor Snape. When Sirius Black escapes Azkaban, the friends find out that not everything is as it seems. Hermione G., Draco M. 13 20808 2014-03-02 Complete
The Wonders of Insomnia The Seven of Us Harry's time at Hogwarts. Smart!Snarky!Exploring!Insomniac!Harry. No pairings. Mostly canon. By Ruby. 1 4985 2014-06-21 Complete
Life of a Pureblood (Year 2) morganna12 Having the Chamber of Secrets open isn't nearly as horrifying for the pureblood Slytherins as it is for the Mudbloods, but that certainly doesn't mean they're having an uneventful year. The second book in my series, based on Hermione's life as a pureblooded Slytherin, with Draco, Pansy and Blaise at her side. Hermione G., Draco M. 14 24710 2013-02-07 Complete
Scar & Bones phantomace13 Harry had died one too many times thanks to his older brother, John, the Boy-Who-Lived. Now, Death orders him to go back to the world of the living and fix everything along with his soul mate Susan Bones. ABANDONED Harry P., Susan B. 17 67033 2011-12-31 Incomplete
Harry Potter and the Interlude BakenandEggs As Harry gets used to living with Sirius and Remus, he, along with his friends and family, must deal with the knowledge of Voldemort's return. What will this mean for Harry's friendship with the Most Ancient and Noble House of Malfoy? The third part in my series, 'Harry Potter in the Claw of the Raven'. Harry P., Draco M. 10 38068 2016-05-17 Complete
To Be a Hufflepuff Freaye Once the Sorting Hat took a closer look into her mind, he realized that she had a Heart of Loyalty. And with that, fate is changed, and Harriet Potter is sorted into Hufflepuff. She then proceeds to accidentally take over Magical Britain, starting with Hogwarts. (Fem!Harry, Drabble-fic) Harry P. 2 3418 2015-06-10 Incomplete
Mrs Viktor Krum-Rewritten crazy1person2you3been4warned Okay Harry is no longer apart of the male gender. . . He is now a girl and his name is Calla-Lily Dorea Potter. If you look up at the title you could probably guess who he's going to end up with. She finds out in the day she finds out she's a witch some shocking news. So read this modified story. If you can [Harry P., Viktor K.] 3 16130 2015-03-29 Incomplete
Harry Potter: A Slytherin Tale RhamielAngel A "Harry gets sorted into Slytherin instead of Gryffindor" fic, meant to parallel Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Harry P., Draco M. 12 56808 2010-12-05 Complete
Past an Hour the Prospect's Black White Squirrel One-shot. Harry suspects the Second Task will involve hostages, but he still can't find a way to breathe underwater. In his desperation, what other options might he devise? Harry P. 1 4601 2014-04-26 Complete
Susan Bones and the Prisoner of Azkaban joemjackson What if Harry Potter was sent to Azkaban for killing Cedric Diggory? What if a Hufflepuff questioned his conviction? Harry P., Susan B. 49 274874 2011-01-08 Complete
Life of a Pureblood morganna12 What if Hermione was a Pureblood, sorted into Slytherin?-If her friends were Draco Malfoy & Pansy Parkinson and her enemies were Harry Potter & Ron Weasley? What if her parents were Death Eaters? How much would change? A Series. (Year 2 & 3 completed) Hermione G., Draco M. 11 18423 2008-07-24 Complete
Stinging Nettles FrostedDusk Petunia had always hated gardening, despite her love for flowers. And so Harry Potter, from a very young age, was sent out to the gardens to work. But when his hands brush against a stinging nettle, everything changes. Now a Harry with a bit of a different goal in mind is sent to Hogwarts, armed with a bit more knowledge. Harry P. 22 72985 2017-03-07 Incomplete