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Title Author Summary Characters Chapters Words Published Complete
Learning to Live Again seeker68 Starts the morning after the Final Battle. Follow along as Harry and Ginny live through the next few years and learn how to deal with the after-effects of the war, and try to live the life they deserve. Main focus is H/G but lots of other characters Harry P., Ginny W. 39 246339 2008-04-23 Incomplete

Similar Fics

Title Author Summary Characters Chapters Words Published Complete
Becoming a Memory amrawo After a horrible summer Hermione is attacked and sent to the past. Now Voldemort's after her and she's having trouble resisting the charm of Sirius Black. And what about her knowledge of the future? HGSB Marauders 7th year and beyond Hermione G., Sirius B. 30 56812 2006-04-22 Incomplete
Harry Potter and the Ministry of Magic the madcap magician At the end of his sixth year at Hogwarts, Harry's life is in turmoil, Dumbledore is dead, Voldemort's power is growing, and those with the power to help him cannot be trusted. Dark times lie ahead, but allies can be found in some of the strangest places! Harry P., Ginny W. 26 478171 2008-07-30 Incomplete
One Door Closes Dracoisalooker76 Lily had plans for her life that didn't involve James Potter, the Marauders, or falling in love. But sometimes plans change when you least expect them to and you must live with them, for better or worst. J/L SB/OC. PART 1 IS CANON, PART 2 IS AU. Lily Evans P., James P. 59 144450 2009-02-07 Complete
Everything happens for a reason xOxx COMPLETE! James has loved Lily Evans since the first day he set eyes on her. Lily has never returned these feelings. However when a switching spell gone wrong causes Lily to swap bodies with James's best friend, she is forced to spend time with him... Lily Evans P., James P. 15 76036 2006-12-17 Complete
Rebuilding Life Kezzabear Harry has defeated Voldemort but is going back to his life going to be easy? What will he go back to, the life he once had is meaningless now. It's time to build a new one and to create a new post-Voldemort world. Harry P., Ginny W. 51 451771 2008-09-24 Complete
The Core of Power: Soul Connection SapphireDragon92 Vernon Dursley has been transferred to a branch of Grunnings just outside of Ottery St Catchpole. Because of this, Harry's friendship with Ginny arises earlier than it was supposed to, and a soul bond manifests between Harry and one Ginny Weasley... Harry P., Ginny W. 6 42186 2008-10-04 Incomplete
Rock Me To Sleep purplecloak9 The war against Voldemort ended in a hollow victory. Disillusioned by the loss, Harry returns to his eleven year old body and uses his knowledge and training to control the rise and fall of Voldemort. Canon pairings. Harry P., Ginny W. 18 61815 2009-03-16 Incomplete
Learning to Live Again coldwizard My fanfic of what happens after the end of DH, how does life return to normal, what will life be like for Harry, Ginny, Ron & hermione? How does the wizarding world recover from the War? WARNING, some adult content! Harry P., Ginny W. 28 79479 2007-10-03 Incomplete
The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives DefyingGravitywJB It's the day after the Great Battle of Hogwarts. Harry has defeated Voldemort. Now he has to set his life straight. HarryxGinny RonxHermione Harry P., Ginny W. 38 57292 2008-05-18 Complete
Traveling Souls ilikepie2013 Harry and Ginny Potter have lost everyone. It's time they did something about it. Reality itself was about to change. Rating a precaution. AU, HP/GW, R/Hr, etc. Time travel and Soul Bond fic. Beta needed. Harry P., Ginny W. 7 18879 2008-07-23 Incomplete
Birds of a Feather DukeBrymin A little girl, kidnapped from her loving parents and found by someone else. A little boy, rescued from those who didn't want him. When they meet, something wonderful happens. Harry P., Ginny W. 18 114163 2009-03-31 Incomplete
Harry Potter and the Secrets He's Kept know-it-all-bookworm Sequel to HPatSR. Harry & friends have a second chance, but will it make a difference? Dumbledore is faced with some difficult choices. Will he do what is right or what is easy? Can Neville step out of the shadow of his parents, and become his own person? Harry P., Ginny W. 9 45491 2008-07-03 Incomplete
Dead Without You JadeSeraph Everyone has someone they would die for. Harry Potter would have died for any of his friends. But what happens when they ask him to live for them too? PostWar, and a HG love story. Harry P., Ginny W. 23 161219 2007-02-18 Complete
Harry Potter and the Dark of the Lord Alanius Book 7 fic. Harry Potter sets out to destroy the Horcruxes, but he doesn't realize he is going to need more help than he asks for. And there's always this pretty little redhead who is determined not to be left safely at home. Harry P., Ginny W. 26 163625 2006-11-09 Complete
Harry Potter and the Power of Sacrifice imgeorgenotfred Post HBP.No slash. In canon. Harry starts the search for the missing Horcruxes with his friends.He deals with the Goblins,the Ministry,the press and his growing feelings for Ginny and a third Prophecy. All reveiws welcome. Harry P., Ginny W. 23 161752 2006-05-18 Complete
Making Mistakes little0bird The story of how Albus Severus Potter was born. Ginny W., Harry P. 29 118526 2008-02-25 Complete
Mage Harry kb0 Summer before 6th year, an accident unlocks Harry's secret power: He's a Mage with the power of Merlin. Watch Harry deal with it and take control of his life. Independent Harry. H/G Harry P., Ginny W. 3 52499 2009-07-21 Complete
100 Stories of James And Lily Witblogi 100 theme challenge. Each chapter is a new story revolving around James and Lily through their lives together. Finished! Thank you so much everyone! James P., Lily Evans P. 101 117403 2007-02-20 Complete
Harry Potter and the Eighth Year Hook Em Horns POSTDH. How will the fallout affect our heroes? Are they done being heroes? And what happens to finally bring peace into Harry's life... Harry P., Ginny W. 57 127057 2007-07-22 Complete
Harry Potter and the Return to Hogwarts Vance McGill PostDeathly Hallows, PreEpilogue fanfiction. Harry, Ron and Hermione return to Hogwarts, which is slowly being reconstructed after the Battle at Hogwarts. Rest of Summary inside. DH SPOILERS! COMPLETE Ron W., Hermione G. 75 272957 2007-08-16 Complete