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Title Author Summary Characters Chapters Words Published Complete
Complex Touch Keeperofthemoon0 For the sake of the Order, Ginny Weasley takes a mission to go back in time to find a Horcrux for Harry. She just never expected to fall in love with a future convicted escaped murderer. And that's just the beginning of the difficult times ahead for her. Sirius B., Ginny W. 24 134492 2006-07-11 Complete

Similar Fics

Title Author Summary Characters Chapters Words Published Complete
Look After You Keeperofthemoon0 When Ginny time traveled back to her original time, leaving behind the Marauders and Lily, she knew life wasn't going to get any easier. Torn between her desire for Sirius and love for Harry, Ginny fights to survive in a world she forgot about. Sequel. Sirius B., Ginny W. 10 99518 2010-05-23 Complete
Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind Miranda Aurelia Complete! When a spell backfires and Ginny accidentally mind-bonds herself to Draco, she decides to have some fun, especially since Draco hasn't a clue as to just who it is he's bonded to! DG Draco M., Ginny W. 6 13836 2005-06-29 Complete
Saving Souls Eveil Woman Desperate to prove she is just as capable as the trio. Ginny takes up the opportunity to change the past. All the best intentions are there but what happens when Lucius Malfoy becomes an obstacle and how is her present changed because of it. Ginny W., Lucius M. 26 71301 2008-09-25 Complete
Finding Color Mell8 Ginny always knew there was something wrong with her eyes. D/G Draco M., Ginny W. 10 24832 2008-09-23 Complete
Love Stays the Same daisychains123 After a confusing letter, two girls are given the chance to change their world, but will they? Then Greyback attacks and they have no choice. Hermione and Ginny are landed in Marauder times, where they find friendship, enemies, and love. HGRL GWSB JPLE Hermione G., Remus L. 41 53031 2007-01-23 Incomplete
Suddenly I See solitaireclay07 I turned to the first page and saw the words 'UNTITLED' by Ivy E. Bennett. Who the hell is Ivy E. Bennett? Well, I intend to find out. Companion piece to Nobody Sees Me Wishing. Sirius B., OC 44 131854 2008-09-15 Complete
Fly me to the moon pratty-prongs-princesse James was popular, handsome, and a troublemaker. Lily was pretty, intelligent, and had a fiery temper. Mix the two together and what do you get? Chemistry and a lot of yelling. Story of love, laughter, Marauder foolishness, and a secret. James P., Lily Evans P. 43 205523 2005-07-26 Incomplete
Resurrection acata When Hermione finds out her parents are dead, she throws herself into work. During her research, she finds a journal written by the apprentice of the man who created the Veil. HG/SB Hermione G., Sirius B. 24 66573 2009-01-17 Complete
The return of the Unreliable Keeper Procrastinator-starting2moro After the cursed necklace incident lands Katie in St.Mungo's, she's left to recover in hospital while thinking about a certain bloke who hasn’t got in contact with her since he left Hogwarts, until said bloke shows up for a surprise visit. KateOliver. Katie B., Oliver W. 1 5663 2006-07-11 Complete
Destiny's Call Athena Linborn Upon finding out his mate’s identity, partveela Blaise Zabini sets out to court and claim her. Ginny Weasley, however, has other plans, and being mated for life to a man she barely knows or likes, is not one of them! Blaise Z., Ginny W. 6 52082 2006-08-04 Incomplete
The Wedding Affair Catherine or Cate COMPLETE An example of what weddings do to the singles that attend and what families do and don't know. Don't you just love secrets. ChW.HrG complete fluff! Hermione G., Charlie W. 8 10510 2007-08-06 Complete
SexyWitches Inc Tina Redwood My most popular fic to date. Smut, fluff, all that good stuff. Blaise hires Ginny as his assistant, and he's the vice president of SexyWitches Inc., a wizarding porn company. Don't let the title dissuade you from reading; this has a plot. Ginny W., Blaise Z. 35 49292 2008-02-17 Complete
The Crimson Letter SailorChibi A new world, where there is no Voldemort? Surely, Harry's dream come true. Wrong. Especially when he discovers that Voldemort is very much alive and as evil as ever, is a teacher at Hogwarts, and no one knows but him. HG, post OotP Harry P., Ginny W. 20 79788 2010-07-27 Complete
Kitten Tulips and Jill Fluff! Ginny's learning how to become her animagus. Draco has taken a liking to a kitten at Hogwarts who keeps ending up in his bed. Draco's adorably evil! Ginny's a flirt! Draco M., Ginny W. 12 38109 2006-04-26 Complete
Fuel to the Fire PleaOfInsanity Peyton Fox; He mumbled against my lips. I sighed happily. Sirius Black was kissing... me...Wait... Sirius and me. Kissing. What the – "WA-AGH!" OC, Sirius B. 40 89772 2010-10-15 Complete
Letters Jess.91 Harry wrote to his estranged family whenever he had a child...Here's nine moments in time...One-shot. Harry P., Petunia D. 1 1506 2008-05-04 Complete
The Misadventures of Padfoot and Moonstar Black-Rose23 Series of oneshots focusing on the misadventures of Sirius Orion “Padfoot” Black and Hermione Jane “Moonstar” Granger. SBHG Hermione G., Sirius B. 111 155798 2007-01-01 Complete
The Thief of Time Tink Wolfe A tale about a lost Hallow, time-travel, growing up, falling in love, a new prophecy, and thinking up fun ways to kill Peter. Rated M for Mature. SBHG Sirius/Hermione. Sirius B., Hermione G. 10 118684 2008-12-13 Incomplete
The True Confessions of Elizabeth Reynolds SailingAwaySoftly If only life were so easy, but sixth year Elizabeth Reynolds knows it is not. Her life at Hogwarts is far from normal, especially now that she's galavanting around with the Marauders. But she always tries to look on the bright side. Eventual LupinOC. Remus L., OC 32 71162 2007-07-29 Complete
Love and Levity KatieBell70 Not many people bother learning to tell the twins apart. But George Weasley begins to discover that Luna Lovegood is not at all like many people. In fact, she's one of a kind. George W., Luna L. 5 28961 2006-01-10 Complete